Author of Black Elk Speaks and numerous other works of prose and poetry, John G. Neihardt is the Poet Laureate in Perpetuity of Nebraska. To commemorate his life and work, the John G. Neihardt State Historical Site was established on the site of his former home in Bancroft, Nebraska. The Neihardt Center, now under the management of the John G. Neihardt Foundation, is a branch museum of the Nebraska State Historical Society.
The Foundation maintains a museum and library of works by and about Neihardt. It conducts a variety of programs designed to educate our children, young people and the general public using the literary and thematic legacy of John G. Neihardt; to preserve the heritage of the Great Plains, and its great voices, those of pioneer and Native American, both past and present; and to inspire all people--especially young people--to live lives of strong moral conviction and purpose in light of their noble heritages.

We invite you to enter and enjoy this, the official website of the Historical Site and the Foundation.

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Updated on February 14, 2011
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